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Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a simple solution for those experiencing hardships ascending or descending a flight of stairs. An experienced professional will come down to the home and do an assessment and measurement of the stairway and area. An exact configuration is taken. We can install a straight glide or one with custom turns. The stair lift can be installed indoors or outdoors. Installation is quick. Your stair glide will be up and running in a matter of hours. Our chair lifts are quiet, safe and reliable. Do not resign you or your loved ones to a life spent indoors. Freedom to comfortably come and go from your home is just a phone call away!

Wheelchair Ramps

Clients and caregivers take heart! We go the extra mile to ensure a safe and practical entry and exit for wheelchair bound clients. Ramp options differ from wood to aluminum and modular to custom made. Proper permits and drawings are obtained for our wooden ramps. The wood is treated to prevent splintering. Our aluminum ramps are made of durable extruded aluminum and can be custom made to fit any configuration. Innovative solutions are offered for your specific home layouts and solutions can usually be found for those hard to maneuver places. Our workers are experienced ramp installers and do the job efficiently and courteously. We also offer ramp removal service and/or storage.

Extra Wide Doorways

Narrow doorways pose a problem for wheelchairs. Too often a wheelchair bound client is barred entry to a bathroom or even their bedroom due to the size of the wheelchair being wider than the size of the doorway. A doorway widening is a surprisingly simple solution to such a problem. The area is widened, refinished and painted and is then fully accessible.

Wheelchair Lifts

Accessible Homes will install a vertical platform lift to accommodate the wheelchair, patient and/or assistant. The lift can be installed indoors or outdoors and the rise goes as high as 12 feet.

Roll-in shower

Handicapped patients or those with limited mobility in their legs greatly benefit from the services of a barrier free shower. Accessible homes can convert your bathtub into a barrier free shower or shower stall. Your bathroom is then retiled and painted for a whole new fresh look. The safety and convenience of a barrier free shower cannot be overstated. Our beautifully remodeled and handicap accessible bathrooms elicit profound thanks for a new lease at independent living which includes bathing and caring for one selves in a dignified manner.

Easy-Access Bathtub

For those looking to utilize their existing bathtub, Accessible Homes offers the option of a tub cutout. This works well for those looking for a cost effective solution. We simply cut an area of your tub to allow for easy access by foot. The area is covered with a durable non skid surface and can then be used as a shower.

Alternatively, we offer the option of a walk in tub. Your tub is replaced with a walk in tub that has many convenient features including a watertight door, low level access walk in tub, tub chair, thermostatic control, and anti skid finish on the seat and base.

ADA compliant toilets

For those having trouble with their standard toilet, an ADA compliant comfort height toilet is the solution. See what a difference a few inches can make. The 17’’ height toilet works wonders for those with balance or instability issues. We can order standard or custom colors, based on your existing design or personal preference.

Grab Rails

Usually the first thing to be installed in a home. Grab rails offer peace of mind knowing there is a place to hold onto in case of a fall. Grab rails come in a multitude of sizes, finishes and colors. They can be installed almost anywhere in the home including tiled walls. The grab bars are securely installed using specialized brackets and screws. As they say, the best defense is a good offense-prevent a fall from occurring!


We install indoor or outdoor railings with various design options. Our railings come in wood, aluminum or wrought iron and are custom made to fit any length or height. Railings are installed alongside the stairs and assist with ascending or descending. We often replace unsafe banisters and railings with new stable ones.

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Stair Lifts
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