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Ironically, it’s often in the golden years that many are denied the satisfaction of living at home. Just when you were ready to settle down and reap life’s rewards, the challenges of aging begin to set in. Sometimes it’s the risk of a fall, it might be the impracticality of navigating a wheelchair through narrow doorways, or perhaps it’s something as simple as ascending a flight of stairs. Suddenly, you are seriously considering leaving your home for a more secure environment such as an assisted living facility.



We deal exclusively in making homes senior and handicap friendly. Our professional staff has years of experience in construction and healthcare as well as codes and compliance.



We can help you with implementing creative solutions that will let you enjoy living at home safely at a fairly low cost.



Accessible Homes will identify the products and renovations that fit your specific needs.

offering service & independence

At Accessible Homes, our vision and passion is to allow Americans to enjoy life at home. 

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