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frequently asked questions

5. One of my parents is currently in a nursing home, would you be able to meet us there to discuss what renovations will need to be done to their home once they are discharged?

Yes, we will gladly go down to a nursing home to meet with caregivers or therapists to discuss options prior to the discharge date. It is often a wise move to have the home outfitted with all necessary changes prior to the patient coming home to ensure that they arrive at a safe and pleasant home environment.

4. We have a few different concerns regarding our home’s accessibility potential, can you come down to our house to assess it and give us your opinion as to what our options are?

Yes, we do free home assessments/evaluations and are happy to give you advice based on our years of extensive experience dealing exclusively in this field.

3. What type of ramps do you offer?

Treated wood, aluminum, and portable ramps. All our ramps are custom-built to your specifications.

2. I have Medicare. Will it cover my home modifications?

Generally speaking, no.

1. I have Medicaid. Will it cover my home modifications?

Medicaid has a waiver program, you will need to contact the board of social services in your county to get started.

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